Short trip to Annecy

After my last photo hunting with friends in Jakarta (which was long time ago), finally I got a chance to do another one last Sunday with some of my colleagues from the office. It’s a bit last-minute-plan for me as I was only aware about it on Saturday afternoon when I got a call, while the plan was to go on Sunday morning at 7.00 am. Good thing I ended up joining them as it was a good chance to improve my photography skill, though only a baby step 🙂

We went to Annecy, a city in South Eastern France. It’s famous for its lake, the Lac d’Annecy, which was claimed as the cleanest lake in France. I found it’s pretty impressive for France to have such place *no offense dears* 😛

As has been promoted, it was indeed a really nice place. In fact I felt like in a mini version of Venice and I enjoyed a lot being there. I would glad to recommend it as an option for anyone who wants to relax and spend some time with his/her loved ones. It’s a bit a shame though as we did not spend too much time there. I would not mind to stay one night there just to absorb more of the beauties and enjoy every moment while taking lot of pictures 🙂

And as evidences, here are some pictures taken at Annecy last Sunday 😉

Annecy-1 Annecy-3 Annecy-5 Annecy-8 Annecy-9 Annecy-11

Annecy tourism official site :


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