And here we go again….

First of all I will quickly say that this post will be pretty short, but most likely full of self-thoughts, and perhaps rants, as I am going to post about something that will be a popular topic around my big family once I am available in Surabaya this weekend: partner of life. So please ignore this post accordingly should you expect something more fun like traveling story or pictures 🙂

You see, I have written in my post before that I reached a situation where I had enough in posting any thought regarding partner of life or soulmate. However, realizing that my youngest sister’s wedding is only days away (the big day will take place on this Sunday, August 25), I can’t help to think about myself: when will I follow the path of my younger sisters who have found their partners ?

I have this theory which I find pretty much makes sense seeing the examples around me (and also myself). When you reach the “critical age” as a single (27-30), you will be constantly having a battle of mind. In one side, you are thinking and worrying a lot about finding the right person, mostly because of pressure from family and friends. However in the opposite, as you are enjoying what you are doing in your life and career, you will then defense your first thought providing the reason that you still have time and this is the right time to pursue your career and your dream without any boundaries.

As a result, some of us will suddenly reach an age of thirty something, still worrying about “the one” though still not sure when and where to find him/her. Some will definitely focus on their career and dream and put aside the partner stuff for later priority (which happened a lot by the way). Some who are lucky enough will find their partners just in time, perfect time to build a family and keep pursuing the wonderful career.

So much for a theory, in the end everything could happen as everyone has his or her own opinion about life and choice should be taken. What matters is for you to be happy, regardless what option you choose. I find my career is important for me as I have big dream in the future. However, it is also important for me to find my partner of life – I just haven’t met him yet. I believe I will find him shortly, hopefully soon enough and in the right time. Amen. 🙂

PS: Sorry for the long rant of the cliche topic, but hey, I am a woman. We tend to do something cliche most of the time 😛


4 thoughts on “And here we go again….

  1. Hey sist…Kalau memang sudah waktunya ketemu jodoh maka akan dipertemukan oleh Allah…sama halnya dengan rejeki atau anak…jika memang sudah rejeki maka akan qta dapatkan juga….intinya tawakal sama Allah….*kata-kata buat aq juga hahaha

    • Aminn ya rabbal alaminn.. Semoga kita sama-sama segera diberikan rejeki oleh Allah SWT ya Rin.. Jodoh maupun anak… :”)
      Kangennnn euyy ngobrol- ngobrol kaya duluuu 🙂

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