Wonderful Firework at Fetes Geneve

Well, it surely has been a while since my last post in this blog! I have been in Lausanne for almost two months and still I could not believe how fast time passed by. It just felt like yesterday when I arrived here and ready to start my adventure in this beautiful place in Switzerland. It is quite unfortunate though to think that I haven’t got a chance to embrace many opportunities to be involved in new activities, meeting new friends outside work and of course, experiencing new places and cultures. I surely hope I will make the most of this assignment, as it is the best  voyage I have so far in my life!

As an effort to make the most of this experience, I tried my best to always do something on the weekend (though it might not always be successful :P). So last week, together with some colleagues from the office, I went to Geneva to watch one of the biggest fireworks in the world (or so people said). I have never really watched a spectacular firework event except those I saw in Jakarta for new year celebration. And boy, I did not regret at all going to Geneva and staying very late for the firework.

The grand firework at Fetes Geneve is spectacular.

It was huge, beautiful, and colorful with interesting shapes. It was noisy, it was loud, it was so exciting with nice background songs. You would feel that you are in another world, a bit like in a dream, where you are experiencing a wonderful sensation of bright lights around you. I enjoyed it a lot, though I had to split my attention and tried to capture those beautiful moments with my camera. It was not easy as I forgot to bring my tripod (yes, stupid me!), but I think I managed to capture some of those nice moments.

What made it became more even interesting was the presence of a guy just next to my friends and I, which somehow, grabbed my attention. He was a super regular guy with an attitude “manage your own business” and seemed did not really care about anything beside his camera and his iphone. And yet, my eyes kept realizing his attendance every moment and so. I felt like a stupid teenager for doing that *cough* 😛

Here are some pictures taken from the festival. I did my best effort to take good pictures as I was not used to do low light-long expenditure shots with my camera. Hope you enjoy them!

Geneve Fete-0 Geneve Fete-3 Geneve Fete-5 Geneve Fete-8 Geneve Fete-11

Link to the official website of the event: http://www.fetesdegeneve.ch/2013/en/index.php


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