I’m back!

Yes, I am finally back updating my blog which has been abandoned for some time due to many reasons. Lot of works, the administration thing in regards to my assignment, my own doubt and concern about work and personal life – it’s just a mix things that somehow came at once and really took over my head and my mind fully. I did feel grateful though for that feeling as I learn few mre things about life, and I am sure I will learn much more not far in the future.

As for the latest news about me (please ignore my confidence that you will be wondering about it :P), I am happy to share with you that I have been starting my assignment. Just arrived in Lausanne six days ago, there were not many things I did yet, but I will have enough time to do things I wanna do during my assignment, hopefully, with a good plan ahead.

So, in case you’re passing Lausanne, feel free to let me know and we can absolutely have a coffee while enjoying bunch of good chocolates! đŸ˜‰


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