Latest update on my assignment

I have never agreed more with the statement “the world is moving so fast nowadays” until recently. Particularly in regards to changes in my assignment which was just confirmed two weeks ago. Though I am still excited to go abroad and gain new experiences, still the changes pretty much messed up my plan and also my mind. What do you know, right on the day when my Turkish work permit was available, I was requested to consider in changing the destination. It’s a sudden yet urgent request which needed to be confirmed as soon as possible. In the end, I finally took the offered option and turned down the original plan with all considerations.

Again, as I said, even though I am still excited since the new destination is also one of my to-go-countries-list, my mind has actually been flying to Turkey for the last several weeks. Now, I need to reroute my mind to another country with the new nervousness as it will most likely offer different flavor with I have had in mind before. In the other hand, the new destination will offer me bigger opportunities to go around countries which I have dreamt to go to. I guess there are always plus and minus value from a choice we made. At least I know a bit on both (for this option) for now, but might get better picture once I get there and get my feet on the ground.

So, wish me luck, and in case you are visiting Lausanne, Switzerland, let me know and maybe we can catch up for a coffee.


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