Counting The Days (in pain)

That’s what basically I have in mind for the last few weeks. As I mentioned in my earlier post, I will soon be going abroad for one year job assignment. I am happy to share with you that the destination country is fortunately one of the must-visit-countries I have in my list. Having that said, please let me know if someday you are traveling to Izmir, Turkey, so maybe we can catch up for coffee 🙂

Although I am excited to have my new journey soon, in the other side I am quite frustrated because I have no idea who will take over my responsibility in the office once I leave. I know logically I should not overthink about it, since it should be management’s responsibility to pay attention and do something about it. Still, I would like to help or assist if possible, just to ensure my team will not totally get lost or be in a mess later on. It is just unfortunate though that the plan was never really established in the first place. So even though it’s only around three or four weeks before my departure, there is no one yet assigned as my replacement to get  handover of my responsibility.

I have shared my concerns several times to management, but the responses were pretty much the same: “we would find a way to handle this issue.” As much as I want to help, if they could not tell me how and when I can help, my hands are tied. What made me surprise was how my co-worker judged me on this situation. I could not believe he (or maybe also his team) thought that I was being “selfish” because I did not say to management that “I will not go until you tell me who will replace me and proper handover is in place.”

I am sorry. Are you kidding me?

Since last year when this plan was communicated, management should have already made a plan in place on who will be the replacement, how the handover should take place, etc. If I have to think also about the overall plan, then what has management been doing for the whole time? If they can’t really make a proper plan since the beginning, then maybe it’s better to not have a plan sending me abroad in the first place. I just could not believe that kind of statement came out from someone that I thought was smart enough.

In the end, I realized spending my energy on thinking about above stuffs are completely useless. What I can do now is just to do my job well, while waiting for the big day. I will try to keep positive, just by remembering the excitement and experience I will have later in my new place, and hopefully I will feel better eventually. Wish me luck 🙂

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