It Has Been An Overwhelming Weeks..

…and seems it will not stop yet until next following weeks. I thought I managed to deal with it last month, but apparently my unconscious mind has piled up so much frustrations and confusions for some time already. Today, everything was just spilled out. So yeah, I can say it was not really a ‘Friday’ for me.

Perhaps you can tell that the main reason of my uneasy feeling is pretty much clear. Job related, of course (and unfortunately). I think job is one of the most common things that always makes people feel bad, besides love, money and family. I love my job. I do think it is challenging and interesting. But I was more in love with the job because of the people around me back then. Let’s just say that somehow we’re
‘synchronized’, despite how different we are as characters.

As I say, I still love my job. However not like before, I feel less enthusiastic day by day because of the people around me. New people are naturally found everywhere. But if no trust between them and me, then what’s the point?

It has been a tough week and many more still to come. Hopefully I will feel much better tomorrow and next week after I cool down a little bit.

For now, have a nice Friday night folks! 🙂


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