So long Blackberry

After becoming a blackberry user for some time, I (finally?) broke my relationship with the most popular gadget in Indonesia (or at least that’s what I think). I never had an intention to be a blackberry user in the first place. I used blackberry just to connect with my family since all of them use it. Despite the easiness of exchanging messages through BBM, I could not really find any additional value on blackberry. In fact, I had more complaints on blackberry instead of compliments. You name it, low memory, slow process, sudden death….. I had been thinking to sell it many times but ended up by keeping it as I still needed it to share news with my family.

Then two weeks ago, I accidentally dropped my blackberry when I was going to put it on bookshelves.

I was in awe at first….

…and then realized, it was the perfect time to get rid of the gadget 😛 Without longer waiting, I grabbed my sister to Ambassador and sold the blackberry. So long blackberry 🙂

PS: This is an example of crappy post. The end. 😛


3 thoughts on “So long Blackberry

  1. Saya masih pake bb nih. Pengen move on tapi tiulah kemudahan karena konek teman kerja dan relasi yg kebanyakan pake bb. Juga belum kepikiran juga mau ganti ke hp apa?
    Sudah bosen sih dg “miskin”nya bb ini dibanding fasilitas dan kemudahan dari android, misalnya. Jadi tinggal tunggu waktu juga unt say goodbye ke bb…
    Oh ya, jadinya ganti hp nih sekarang?

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