Weekly Photo Challenge: “Beyond”

So it’s time for another Weekly Photo Challenge already ! Time surely passed so fast, especially if you are not regularly blogging or blog walking to WordPress blogs. Theme for this week is “Beyond” which is quite interesting to explore (as a matter of fact, I found most of the topics for Weekly Photo Challenge I ever did were interesting 😀 ). Here are some pictures which I found could represent “Beyond” from my perspective.

Taken at Wengen, Switzerland, during my business trip on April 2012. Beautiful village way down from the hill.

beyond5 Lucern_1
Taken at Lucern, Switzerland, also during my business trip on April 2012. Great city to visit! 🙂

This one was taken on my trip to Karimun Jawa, West Java, Indonesia. I found multiple doors in one straight line which would be really cool to be captured in picture (or so I thought).

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: “Beyond”

  1. Wow!
    the places are really beautiful. oh yes, new zealand and switzerland are definitely fairytale-like!
    and karimun jawa also has it’s own charm. love the pictures. you seem to travel a lot for work. what do you do?

    • Actually I don’t travel much, but I was lucky that I had opportunity to go to Switzerland for business trip. I took lot of pictures, so maybe it looks like I travelled a lot 😛
      Thanks for visiting my blog, I took a look on your blog. Seems you are the one who travel a lot for work? 😀
      Btw, nice to know you… another Niken is always nice 😛

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