My 2012 in pictures (maybe not all)

Few weeks ago I noticed a very interesting topic for Weekly Photo Challenge which was “My 2012 in Pictures”. As I was having “gloomy moment” back then, it was not surprising that I missed my opportunity to join the challenge and made necessary post for that theme. I personally thought it was a good idea to close 2012 by remembering some of our memorable moments during the year. The challenge has passed anyway, but I would still love to post some of my favorite events on 2012. So, here they are!

January 2012: Meeting at Philippines with my colleagues. Time when I realized I am not good enough in bowling 😛 

February 2012: Another meeting at Philippines. They surely know how to make me blush 😛

March 2012: A memorable farewell party for my previous boss. I wore a wig for the first time on top of my hijab! 😀

April – May 2012: Training at Lausanne, Switzerland. Wonderful trip to beautiful country ! 🙂

jun-12-1 jun-12-2
June 2012: My favorite month as it was my birthday month! Thank you for the celebration, dear friends :*

July 2012: My little sister’s wedding. First wedding in our family… we were so happy about it 🙂

August 2012: Our company’s birthday celebration at TMII. Hot, but nice 🙂

MKS_12 MKS_6 MKS_10
September 2012: Makassar trip with my little sister.  Relaxing and unforgetable 🙂


November – December 2012: Trip to Bromo with my working colleagues. Fascinating!


And last but not least, our department family day as a closure of 2012. Great time to know each other’s family (although I think Riley was not very happy to be photographed together with me and Luciano :P).


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