Here I am again, dear blog

After being overwhelmed for the last couple of weeks, finally I find myself standing in quite a stable place of mind. I hate to say that I might be too affected with my work and everything inside it, but I realized that it might be true. Having had my last year working assessment either from myself, working colleagues and my manager, I somehow drowned into a hole which created by myself. It didn’t take long time to see that I overreacted on this matter, but darn it was difficult to convince myself that it was useless and the only one matters in life is actually just to be happy. Slowly but sure I am back to the right path, path where I can be myself and, as my previous colleague said, “Do whatever I want.”, without thinking too much about life. And what’s better to show this positive trend except a post in my dear blog?

So here I am again, ready to embrace myself fully and share what I want to share in this blog instead of keeping it by myself. I remember one my friends said that keeping all emotions by ourselves could make us being old too fast. Well, I am still 27 and surely I don’t want to get old too fast before I find the right partner of my life! 😀

As the closure news of this post, you might be aware (or maybe not, it depends :P) that I have a big news this year related to my life which I am ready to gain new experience from. Well here it is: I am going to go abroad for a short term assignment for one year starting on April. Documents have been prepared but not yet submitted to related embassy. More details will come next month once I get a full grip on this matter. Until then, wish me luck and hopefully everything will go on smoothly until the big day comes!


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