A really bad day in Jakarta

My dearest Indonesians who read this post must know what I am talking about : the terrible floods in Jakarta today. After heavy rains all night, which was continued in the morning, it was actually no surprise that floods were attacking Jakarta. What made us shocked was indeed how big the impact was to Jakarta people. Almost everyone got stuck in the road due to high flood level (around 40 cm, and in some places it could reach more than 70 cm!). A lot of houses flooded, and even some of them in lower area were drowned. We could see in television continuously since this morning (Jakarta time) how bad the situation was. What made it even heartbreaking was the fact that some people died due to this flood (details could be read here ).  

Today was surely a shocker event for us who live in Jakarta. Getting stuck in the middle of every-day-traffic-jam in Jakarta is already bad enough, and now there is also the flood (which also deadly for some unfortunate people). Indeed this next few months will be very difficult for most Jakarta people, especially if the weather is still bad as the way it is now: heavy rains almost every day and all night long. Hopefully the weather will get better with less rain and more sun (crossing fingers for that!).

Along with the bad situation, surely there is something that could be learnt from it: how unorganized the infrastructure of Jakarta is. If we have sufficient absorption area and water storage for rainwater, this kind of situation might not turn out as bad as we had today. This is time for Jakarta government to do their job in analyzing, reviewing, and finding the best solutions to avoid this kind of disaster happen again in the future. I am waiting for your next step, Pak Jokowi. Hope you will really do your homework!

More news of the floods today:




2 thoughts on “A really bad day in Jakarta

  1. aku bersyukur bearada di Surabaya.. walaupun panasnya Astagfirullah dan kalau hujan juga Masya Allah, tapi kita disini walo kebanjiran juga cepet surut. sangat bersyukur bahwa tak ada air kiriman dari manapun..

    • Iyaaa chan.. Di Jakarta ini sudah terlalu semrawut, infrastruktur dah tahunan ga direview ulang padahal banjir dah berkali-kali. Kalo dah gini kangen Surabaya dehhhh 😦

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