Happy (late) New Year 2013 !

Though it’s a bit late *cough*, I would like to say HAPPY NEW YEAR for everyone! May this year be a wonderful and prosperous year for you and your family. Of course, New Year is not necessarily linked with something “new”, but having it as a momentum for us to start a new journey or resolution is not a bad idea. At least we are motivated to do something different and (of course!) better with our life, and maybe, people’s life around us.

People often tell us not to look back at past, do not expect too much on future, and instead just focus on present time. But I think it’s important for once in a while to just stop, take a quick look in our past and revisit our goals in the future, so we know if we are in the right track at present time. Otherwise, we will just go wherever life tells us to go, and being a “robot” does not sound like a good life choice for anyone. In the end, life is only once, and truly, what people really want is just to be happy, together with people they love. We just need to know if what we are doing will indeed make us happy. Otherwise, some serious thinking might be required.

As I have done in last several years, I prepared a list of resolution this year *cough*. Some have been listed on my previous resolution (as predicted, shame to say), but some of them are new and mostly linked with new situation I will have in the next few months. All I could say is I am so excited, totally motivated and ready to gain new experiences soon, plus new friends! Details will come soon once the process is started 🙂

The good news surely boosts up my motivation in this very first month of 2013. My sister’s pregnancy was also news which made me singing and dancing full of joy. I will soon be an aunt, and I already could not wait to shop all baby’s stuffs for my lovely niece or nephew soon *smile*. In addition, I received some gifts from my dear friends (well, not necessarily gifts, but still… :P) : an agenda which will perfectly help me plan my activities and nice shawls with lovely colors for casual occasion.

Agenda 2013

Thank you for Ecchan for the cute agenda! The long waiting is now felt worthy once I got the agenda. 😛


And thank you for Bude Asri for the beautiful shawl. Love it a lot!! :*


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