End year gift exchange

For the last two years, there has been a tradition in our office floor to do gifts exchange to celebrate Christmas and New Year. I personally do not celebrate Christmas, but the idea to share happiness between people that we used to meet every single day at office sounds nice, and in addition, provides us opportunity to know the person much better, more than a-person-I-used-to-say-hello-to. Last year we had a random gift exchange and I got a nice necklace from one of the girls. However, since it was totally random, one big problem occurred: some guys received gifts that were dedicated to ladies, and some ladies also received gifts that were supposed for the guys. This year, to avoid similar thing happens, the committee (yes, there is a committee for this activity! ) set up a ground rule : all gentlemen will give presents to the ladies, and the opposite. Oh, and did I mention that we could not give food for the exchange? That surely made my boss quite upset in the beginning 😛

The gift exchange itself was done last Friday before lunch time. It was a fun and happy moment, everyone looked excited and could not wait to get their gift from their “secret santa”. More and more laughs heard once green light to open the gifts was given by the committee. Some gifts were really nice, some were quite cute but some of them were hard to digest; you could not really tell if those were pranks or purely given based on the giver’s innocence 😛

All in all, we were having so much fun. It was perfect activity to close this 2012 working year with our working colleagues before everyone left in vacation. Until new year comes and we meet again, mates! 🙂

 IMG_0915 >> Snacks and gifts on the “party point” 😛

IMG_0916 >> Quite a lot of gifts, eh?

IMG_0917 >> More cookies for snacks =9

 20121221_112644 >> My team and me posed with the gifts we got 😀

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