Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise (!)

When I first knew that the topic of this week’s photo challenge was Surprise, I must think really hard about last surprise I ever had. Though I like surprise, I seldom have one that really stayed in my mind. In other hand, I love to give surprise to other people (or semi-surprise because some of them already knew or guessed before). It’s not a big one; could be a birthday cake, or some small gift that I feel like I want to give. Seeing happiness and excitement on the person’s face whom I gave the surprise to is really meaningful for me.

So, for this photo challenge, I am happily posting these pictures:
1) The most memorable birthday cupcakes surprise for one of my colleagues at office. For this one I must decide each picture to align with his character (which is quite unique, I must say :D).


2) This might not be related with the fact that I like to give surprise, but this was one of memorable event I ever had. Happened in 2010, I had just finished my probation period after three months when my boss asked me if I could go for a training in Switzerland. Having never been abroad alone, I was shocked but also very excited. Though I was really nervous in the beginning, I felt much more comfortable in the end. This picture shows one of my favorite area in Lausanne, Switzerland.  



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