Photo : A glance of my Bali trip

Two weeks ago I went to Bali together with my department colleagues to attend a global business meeting held by our company. I guess it was kinda pathetic to say that it was my first time to go there, but then again, Bali was never really on my to-go-list. I prefer to go to Lombok or Makassar as I assume it will not be as crowded as Bali. Nevertheless, it was still interesting to go to places you have never been before, especially if you didn’t have to pay for it 😛

Though it was really difficult to enjoy Bali as we were stuck on meetings all day, I managed to take some pictures on my first day there. I was staying at Jimbaran, not far from Ngurah Rai International airport, which has nice beach and plenty of seafood restaurants nearby. I was lucky I had time to enjoy dinner together with my colleagues there without fighting over other customers for a table *smirk*

Overall, Bali is a nice place to visit, but I don’t think it’s sufficient for meetings. There is a big possibility that you would miss a lot of things since you most likely will get stuck on your meetings all days entire week (at least that what I experienced).  Anyway, here are some pictures from my Bali trip 🙂

Bali1 Bali2 Bali3 Bali4 Bali5 Bali6 Bali7


3 thoughts on “Photo : A glance of my Bali trip

    • Bang Titik, Alhamdulillah beberapa kali dapat kesempatan untuk traveling, beruntung sekali saya 🙂
      Makasih komentarnya bang, jadi makin semangat njepret nih, hehehe… 🙂

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