Goodbye Abu..

This morning I received call from my sister in Surabaya. I was quite upset in the beginning since I was busy taking care something at office, and, well, it’s still working hour so I wonder if she needed to inform something important. And she did.

Abu, our lovely cat, was died this morning due to virus and dehidration.

I was in shock for several minutes and could not believe what she said, but not for long as she started to cry. It was a broken hearted news for me and my family, considering that Abu has been part of our family for more than a year now. For me, spending time with Abu was one thing I always looked forward when I visited home. Seeing her funny face, listening to her demanding miaw, stroking her head at nights were activities I usually had when I was at home, and I enjoyed it a lot.

And now they all become memories.

I know you might say I am exaggerating things, but I think everyone who has pets could feel what my family and I feel. Though I know that Abu is in better place now as she is not feeling any hurt. So long Abu.. we will surely miss you here…



2 thoughts on “Goodbye Abu..

  1. tak ada yang lebih menyakitkan ketimbang kehilangan yg kita cintai, walaupun itu hanyalah seekor kucing.. chan juga pernah ngerasaain itu kok, mbei.. sabar yaa *puk2&pyuk2 mbe*

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