Photo today : Old man at overpass

As you may have noticed from some of my old posts, I have always been into photography eventhough lot of improvements still need to be considered *cough*. To encourage myself in keep learning and practicing, I decided to challenge myself in posting two pictures a week. No specific days are defined for now, but might be later once I feel more and more comfortable with my photos 😛

For the first post, I put picture taken this morning when I had my morning walk. This old man took my attention when I passed through the overpass in front of Polda Jakarta. Hope you enjoy and please share me your feedback on this picture (and more pictures to come) for my improvement ! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Photo today : Old man at overpass

  1. Ini fotonya diambil dimana ya? Sayah suka liat di jembatan penyebrangan depan MetMall Bekasi pemandangan yg bikin nyesek. Ibu-ibu peminta-minta dengan anak yg masih bayi sebagai “menu minta-minta”-nya. Yg lebih menyeramkan, konon anak2 bayi seperti itu dipersewakan. Entahlah… Nice post Niken. Keep posting ya…

    • Fotonya diambil di jembatan penyeberangan depannya SCBD / Polda Metro Jaya bang. Iya, sama bang, saya juga sering ngeliat ibu-ibu meminta-minta dan membawa bayi yang putih bersih, seperti bukan anaknya sendiri. Sedih lihatnya 😦

      Makasih ya bang, jadi semangat posting terusss 😀

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