Happy Islamic New Year 1434H

One year passed already on Islamic calendar year (Hijriyah), and new year is already here again. For you who might have no idea about this other version of new year, please check wiki to get brief explanation on it 😛

Though I am pretty sure most moslems (including me) have adopted Gregorian calendar a little bit too well, still I believe that putting attention on Islamic New Year is important, at least to remind ourselves about religion that we believe and have faith on. In the end, just like the way I see the Gregorian New Year, the Islamic New Year is merely a new year, time where I am reminded about my journey so far and what goals I still want to achieve, including be a better me.

So, Happy Islamic New Year for my dear family and friends, and also for you who celebrate it. May we have a better year for us and our family. Amen. 🙂




2 thoughts on “Happy Islamic New Year 1434H

  1. Selamat tahun baru Hijriyah 1 Muharram 1434 H. Semoga tahun ini membawa berkah bagi kehidupan kita. Insya Allah…

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