Weekly Photo Challenge : “Renewal”

Whoa, three weeks already since my last post? I clearly need to revisit my daily schedule and include “Blogging” on it with “High Priority” remark! Speaking about time management, one thing that I am still trying to improve, particularly for my private life. I will keep trying for sure, but you never know when lazy bug comes and bites anyway 😛

To start again freshly, I decide to have Weekly Photo Challenge which turns out to be “Renewal”. It’s quite interesting for me because when I first read this theme, first thing crossed my mind was my current situation, compared to how I was several years ago. Since I have been here and working for almost three years now, I guess we could not say it as “Renewal” again, but I would still say that the way I am now is a “Renewal” of the previous me. I am very grateful for it, but can’t help to think I could do and be better so that some day I will have second “Renewal” of myself. 

So I decided to pick a picture that I thought would suit my perception of “Renewal”. Below picture reflects my imagination to start my journey, gain new experiences, meet new people and be a new and better me. Taken at Wengen, Switzerland, when I was on business trip, this picture always makes my heart warm and excited 🙂

And now I am excited for my new journey ! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : “Renewal”

    • Bang Titik, iya bang, ini foto waktu lagi training ke Swiss. Alhamdulillah, dapat rejeki bisa training ke negeri orang, hehehe 🙂

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