Movie Review : “Skyfall” (2012)

Title : Skyfall
Year : 2012
Director : Sam Mendes 
Stars : Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem and Naomie Harris

I have always liked James Bond movies, particularly because those were action movies, the main character was interesting and lot of funny gadgets introduced (yes, funny from my perspective). My favorite James Bond actors were Sean Connery and Timothy Dalton, but ever since Daniel Craig played the role, I immediately fell in love and thought he fit perfectly the “fresh” version of Mr. Bond (and he’s hot, of course :P).

Skyfall was opened with chasing scenes between 007 (Daniel Craig) and a guy who stole list of undercover British agents to avoid it being misused by terrorist and criminal organizations around the world. Unfortunately Bond did not make the catch, instead he was shot and fell into river, assumedly “dead”, while the chased guy gone already with the list. It’s just a matter of time before the list revealed and the undercover agents were in danger. M (Judi Dench) was “politely requested” by the new Chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee, Mallory (Ralph Fiennes) to retire considering the chaotic situation was under her responsibility. M refused and decided to keep working until her work finished.

However the treat was proved to come earlier than expected. A bomb planted on M’s office exploded and killed number of people in MI6. As M determined to find the person who did it, 007 suddenly appeared, alive and well, even though too much alcohol and drugs made his abilities decreased a bit. Long story short, Bond went on mission to Shanghai and finally met the guy behind the plan, Silva (Javier Bardem). Utilizing latest equipment from Q (Ben Whishaw), Bond managed to catch Silva and locked him up at MI6. One thing Bond didn’t realize that Silva had been one step ahead with his plan. So, what happened next?

I am pretty sure all of you have watched this movie and know exactly the plot from beginning to end. I myself watched this movie two days in a row, first one by myself and the next one was together with my sister and her husband. Though I was more impressed when I first watched it, I was still excited to watch it on the second day.

I really liked the first chasing scenes at town and on the train. I think it was well executed and gave me a nice and smart action scene. However right after Bond got shot, the movie became relatively slow. Not until Bond “came back to live” it got back the rhythm I expected from an action movie. Another scene I liked was the fight between Bond, M and Kincade at Skyfall against Silva’s men. It’s quite tense, violent yet captivating on some points. I think overall actions on this movie were nicely executed and surprisingly quite neat from my perspective.

Daniel Craig as Bond was believable for me. He played it well as an agent who was no longer young, had decreased abilities yet trying his best to prove that he still could do his job. I found Craig’s Bond became more “human” than other Bond versions I ever saw and I love it. This also applied to Judi Dench whose character, M, unfortunately passed away on this movie. Though I thought it was a good idea since it would give new “color” to Bond’s movies. My surprise came to Ralph Fiennes as Mallory, who somehow stole my attention since very beginning. I was excited to see him as new M and wondered what difference he would bring to MI6 in the future. Bardem did a good job as Silva, however I felt that he could have explored more Silva’s character. There was something missing on his play that gave me a doubt on his character. Still, as a psycho, he was really convincing *smirk*.

Overall, it was a great and well executed action movie. For me, it was one of the best action movies I saw in 2012. I would give four stars out of five, and I would recommend anyone to watch Skyfall especially if he or she is a Bond’s fan, action movies lover or simply thinks that Daniel Craig is hot 🙂


5 thoughts on “Movie Review : “Skyfall” (2012)

  1. I have to review this film for my college paper. I watched it last Thursday and thought it was fairly mediocre at best. It’s clearly just me though. Everyone else seems to love this film.

    • Haha… No worries, everyone has his or her own opinion about this movie so it’s perfectly fine to think anything about it 🙂
      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your comment here. Film review for college paper,eh? I wish I had had the same college assignment back then 😛

  2. My name is Bond, James Bond….
    Sayah penyuka film2 James Bond. Mengoleksi seluruh filmnya sejak mulai film Bond pertama, Dr. No, yg dirilis thn 1962. Oh ya film Bond yg paling saya suka yg From Russian with Love, rilis thn 1963. Entah, saya merasa ini film Bond yg paling rimantis…
    Kesukaan saya terhadap film Bond pupus setelah bintangnya diperankan Daniel Craig ini. Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, koq gak berkenan ya? Entah saya belum ketemu alasannya yg pas. Nah, yg Skyfall ini saya belum sempat nonton. Tunggu dvd nya aja deh… (biasa, dvd bajakan gituh…hehehe)
    Maaf ah jadi ngecapruk. Cuma sekedar berbagi ttg si Bond aja…
    Salam persahabatan….

  3. Yes, just like you, among all ‘Bonds’, Craig’s version is my favorite. He is humanifying Bond, and your sentence: “trying his best to prove that he still could do his job”, is perfectly describing what happened ‘inside’ a Bond.

    However, this movie isn’t my favorite. It’s begin with the absurdity, the assumed-to-be-dead-and-didn’t-want-to-back-to-MI6-Bond to the less and lesser surprise through out the movie.
    the latter is a big disappointment for me. The characteristic for almost all Bond’s movie usually lies at the end of the movie, we still remember how surprising it is about Viper in Casino Royale.
    BUT the biggest weakest point of this movie fall to…*eng ing eng* The two girls! What is their function to be there? Bond Girl? I think M deserve that title more.

    After all, this is a good movie, it’ll be better if the faked-to-be-dead scene, and the two girls (assumed Bond Girl) were kicked out from script.

    • LOL…. Actually the forgetable two girls was one of the reasons why I liked this movie. It fit perfectly my perception of Bond girl in any movie :))
      I agree though that the fake death scene in the beginning was not important at all. Instead, putting Bond in vacation before going back to work sounds more reasonable :))

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