TV Series Review : “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”


Title : Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Year : 1998–2006
Genres : Comedy, Improvisational Comedy
Stars:Drew Carey, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady and some more…

I always like to watch good comedy TV series such as How I Met Your Mother (love it !), Two and A Half Men or Community (series about bunch of weirdos, but I like it!). You don’t need to think hard about the episodes, just simply enjoy them and laugh at them. When people laugh, they feel happy inside, and happy people feel positive energy around them. In long range, they could be motivated to do something good either for themselves or people they care. Bottom line, comedy is good for your health 🙂

This series I want to share about was one of my favorites. Whose Line Is It Anyway? was an improvisational comedy game show in which four players act out various comic games, sketches, and songs on the spot. The topics or ideas for the games were based on audience suggestions or determined by the host. There was a kind of “competition” where the performers would be awarded by some points, but in the end there was never really a “true competition” between the players. They were merely having fun together with their audiences and that’s amazing.

I was fully impressed with this show specifically because of level of creativity performed by the players. I am not a creative person, so seeing them made some scenes, played characters and made silly songs immediately on spot amazed me. I know it is not easy for regular people to do that unless they are true performers, and I believe the performers (on the show) are. That’s why I never get bored to watch episodes of this show over and over again, even though the show is no longer on air. I put some scenes from the show…. I always laugh hard when I see these guys!


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