The needy of something instant

As the world around us spinning so fast, time seems to be too priceless to be spent for any issue outside work. Nope, we are too busy to do lot of things: attending meetings, preparing reports to meet deadline, make sure our boss is satisfied with our presentation, etc. There are many important things that we can’t just abandon. Lucky for us, we have these brilliant people out there who provided us everything in instant in order to fulfill our requirement without taking our time. You name it; instant food, instant drink, instant health.. Sounds like our problems in this speedy world are being solved with those. Are maybe not?

Some (or tons) of researches have been performed with main result stating about how unhealthy instant food and drink are. Many movies supported the result by showing “the impact of fat food” on the scenes either realized or not; some movies even created specifically to show it. Obesity increases in almost all countries with high consumption of fast food. Doctors and nutritionists started to remind people to be more healthy, reduce fast food consumption and cut off some fat. What do you know, instant slimming medicines are now available “to help” them! Isn’t that lovely?

This pattern shows us the basic habit of human for not willing to work hard in achieving their goals. Ridiculous habit which, unfortunately, somehow rationale for most people around us. If you can get something that you want with a quick bite or just a pill, why would you have to go through the painful way?

There was time when I also did the same, well, even sometimes I still think the same now if I just feel I “don’t have time” to do all the work. However past experience proved that it was not that beautiful as people expected. When you want something good in your life, then you gotta work on it. Having instant way, especially something that you are not sure the benefits are, is not really an option from my perspective.

Just this evening I saw an episode of “Minute to Win it” with contestant a young pregnant lady with no job, was living with her parents and had a husband that worked in different city. She needed money to take care her children and moved out from her parent’s house. As sorry I was for her and hoped her best solution, following an ‘un-educational’ game to get fast money sounded quite sad. Maybe I would think differently if she had tried everything she could and yet no result, that might be a reasonable solution. But if a person hasn’t tried his or her best then, why should he or she take instant way? Let’s work our body and mind, mates!!


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