Weekly Photo Challenge : BIG

This week photo challenge is a little bit tricky for me. First reason because I am not sure where I can look for anything with abnormal or huge size e.g. big tree or big statue which already posted in other blogs. Of course there is Monas (National Monument) here in Jakarta that I can take picture of, but I think it will be too similar with other pictures and I don’t want that. Plus I am too lazy to go to Monas at this lovely Saturday 😛

So I am trying to find something related with “Big” in my pictures collection and found some pictures that might be perfect (e.g. big castle, big cathedral), but instead I will put this picture that will make me as the “Big” object:

Me with the same size as one of the big monument in Surabaya.

On second thought, seems it is a stupid picture to post, but anyway….


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