Hectic Week

I think the title of this post quite explains already what I am going to write down here *cough*. It’s been a chaotic week indeed, especially since it was related with budget cycle. What can I say? Seems like we have just finished budget cycle for 2012 a while ago, and now we are doing the same cycle for 2013. It reminded me a lot to last year, when I felt time passed so fast and suddenly brought us to the following year. No big difference makes me think if I need to re-evaluate my time management *cough* 🙂

Good thing about this week was I managed to finish my main responsibilities eventhough I know I could do it faster if we didn’t have some issues in the beginning of the week. Doing the budget exercise all over again makes me realize that I still need to improve myself if I want to perform excellent, instead of well. Might sound too ambitious, but I think it is a normal thing. It’s not like I want to be a big boss pr whatever, only a matter of proving myself to everyone at office that I can do my works.

Despite the effect of this hectic week (e.g. skip lunch, overtime), I must say that I was fully challenged with it. Of course, stress came and made me almost punch someonescream, but when I finally finished it, the level of satisfaction is quite high. I wonder if I have to get this kind of situation if I want to get excited – that could be a trouble since we can’t have that kind of situation regularly. That’s one thing I need to work on.

But hey, it’s weekend now. Let’s forget the hectic week and enjoy our time now! Hasta la vista Baby! ( not sure what it meant anyway :P)


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