As I was absent for quite some time in updating my blog, I rarely participate on weekly photo challenge initiated by daily wordpress. However this week’s topic is quite interesting I could not resist to do some posting about it. In fact, it’s so fascinating that I make this post before posting the pictures for the challenge.

The topic for this week is happy. In a simple way, I have to post pictures of anything that makes me happy. Thinking about things that makes me happy somehow makes me happy already. Quite confusing I guess? 😛 Indeed I feel excited just to think about who or what that could make me happy inside. Maybe because I can think positively about lot of things when I feel happy, and I like it.

So many things could make me happy, but first thing came to my mind was family and friends. I just love spending time with my family if possible and of course with good friends of mine. They hold important role as part of my life and will affect me either realized or not. Seeing them happy makes me happy, even more if I can make them happy. That will always make my day marvelous.

Books, writing and coffee are next things that could make me happy especially when I am alone. I love blogging and making stories as I am forced to imagine and think about things I want to write. Reading a book, especially a good novel also gives me an opportunity to build another world inside my mind which I really like.

In the end, I still have tons of things that make me happy. Though I realize that my relationship with people; family, friends, work colleagues, etc. is the most affecting thing that could turn my happiness up side down just by second, but also make me happy for a long time. Talking about person as social creature 🙂

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