(Late post of) Java Soulnation 2012

I think 2012 is quite a good year for music lovers in Indonesia. We have so many concerts from international artists this year, for example Katy Perry, Foster the People, Maroon 5 and Sting who will perform on December. We also still have our annual music festivals such as Java Jazz Festival and Java Soulnation. Since I love Jazz, going to Java Jazz Festival (JJF) has become a “ritual” for me and my friends, either to watch one day performances or three days in a row. I was not really into Java Soulnation as, to put it simple, I don’t really understand Soul music.

Anyway, since my friend had a discount ticket for Java Soulnation this year, I thought it would not be a harm to watch this music festival to see what it’s like. I didn’t buy the special performance of James Morrison and Bryan Thicke since those were on Saturday and Sunday, and I already had another plan on those days. Along the way, there was a time when I decided to sell my ticket since I must go for business traveling, but then my friend who said that she would buy my ticket cancelled it only two days before the show. It’s difficult to find another person to buy the ticket, so I chose to still watch it right after I came home from Philippines (talking about torturing my body!!).

So I went there with some of my colleagues. As been expected, I was totally exhausted after standing for several hours. Five hours flight with not enough rest surely affects your body strength especially if you are lack in exercise or working out. Good thing I still could enjoy the music performances that night. Color Me Badd (CMB) was the most fun performance I saw. Despite the fact that they are middle-aged men now, they danced (!!) all around the stage and really made us feel excited during the performance. Sandy Sandhoro was quite nice even though his music style or arrangement was not too popular among youngsters. At the end of the day, I watched Jay Sean whose music, honestly, I didn’t know at all. His R&B songs were okay, but I mostly attracted to his partner who was a quite good beatboxer. Again, since I was already too tired, I could not enjoy entirely the show.

Overall, it was a good experience. Tiring, but also fun. I would not mind to go and watch next year Java Soulnation I guess 🙂

My colleagues and I in front of the big poster…

Color Me Badd rocked the stage. Too bad I didn’t get good picture that night 🙂

Sandy Sandhoro in action…. nice improvisation for some songs 🙂


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