Welcome October!

I am not really sure why I am quite excited about this October. Maybe because it is a month that starts the final quarter of 2012 calendar year, which also indirectly tells you that you have only three months left to make sure all your work or personal targets this year accomplished. Or maybe because it is a busy month, when I will support a budget cycle for next year plan together with my colleagues, and when I need to prepare my project before the end of the year.

Whatever the reason is, I feel positive in the beginning of this month, despite all responsibilities I have and deadlines I have to achieve. I think it is a good sign after my mind wandering around without clear destination for the past few weeks. It is not unusual to have “up” or “down” time in our work, but the important thing is how to get “up” again and use our “down” feeling as our energy to boost up our spirit and motivate ourselves even more. I am grateful to know I am on the right track, maybe slowly but most likely sure.

So, welcome October! May you be an awesome month for all of us! 🙂


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