What’s up with Resolution 2012?

Alright, with this post I want everyone that made resolution for the year of 2012 confesses about the status of his or her resolution ! I am pretty sure most of you still have pending resolutions as we haven’t reached the end of the year yet, but how many of you who have achieved, let’s say, 80% of the resolution? No one? Alright, 70% perhaps? Yes, sir, did you just raise your hand? Oh, you’re just scratching your head? Ookay…. 60% then? Or… 50%? Anyone?

Since no one seems interested on talking about their resolution, I will gladly bitterly share about my own resolution. Just to remind you that I had some plans as stated here, and of course the target was to achieve or implement them before the year ends. Let’s see how the status of those plans now:

  • Better time management in life and work >> I am getting there… I think… hopefully so….
  • Learn to speak French >> Change of plan, now I am planning to learn another language, which is….. still a secret 😛
  • Go for a vacation to Kupang >> I didn’t make it, BUT I went to Makassar for a week vacation, so it was kinda set-off from my perspective. Right? No?
  • Lose weight by 5 KGs >> ARGH!!!

I still have some plans in my pocket, but some of them were just planned in the middle of the year. Hence it would not be too relevant since it could not be compared with the original plan. Besides I don’t want to show you all that I only reach less than 50 % how far I am from my resolution target achievement *cough*.

There are still three months before the end of the year though, and I am quite sure I could still reach above targets on time IF I really pay attention and put more focus on those. So, let’s see ! I will exclusively report my resolution progress on mid December to you. Crossing fingers, guys! 🙂

PS: Seriously, guys, anyone did their resolution? Did you MAKE any resolution? Mister?


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