A Glimpse of Makassar trip (2)

So this is the second post about trip to Makassar. I have been dying to write something since last week, but as laziness won over the battle, I failed to do so. I take the opportunity to write down the remaining story tonight before the words go away from my head, and since I don’t have any date in this lovely Saturday night (ouch!).

When we booked our flight tickets to Makassar, my sister and I had made a plan to visit some places which are quite famous there. Pantai Losari, Fort Rotterdam and Trans Studio were on top of our list, and we agreed to visit all on our first day there since we would arrive early around 9 AM. However due to many things happened right after the arrival, we only got our free time after 1 PM, which meant there was no much time left for us to visit those three places. So we decided to take a quick visit to Trans Studio, and ended the day by a visit to Pantai Losari.

The visit to Trans Studio was more to fulfill my curiousity of this place. So far there are two Trans Studios in Indonesia (as you all may already aware of!), one in Makassar and one in Bandung. My little sister has visited the other one in Bandung and I haven’t visited any of both. So we went there, and as I had predicted earlier, I was not blown away by that place. Sure it was nice and entertaining, but it did not make me excited and considered to visit it again sometime in the future. Though its concept was quite nice as recreation place for family and particularly entertainment for children.

 My sister posed in front of Trans Studio Makassar. She was basically a model in almost my pictures, so… yeah… 😛

 Me a.k.a the photographer posed in front of one area at Trans Studio *ahem!* 😛

We finally ended our journey that day by quick visit to Pantai Losari (Losari beach). Some people suggested us to enjoy sunset at the beach as it was one of the quite famous attraction in Makassar. It’s quite unfortunate though that the beach itself was not too clean and had garbages laying around; a classic symptom that we usually met on public places in Indonesia. If only people there had more discipline in taking care the environment, I believe it would be a more attractive place for local tourists and foreigners to visit over and over again.

 “The model” in action……

 Garbage on the side of the beach… didn’t look really nice :S

 >> One of good snacks I enjoyed there: “Pisang Epe” ! Basically it is a barbecued banana with topping. You could choose chocolate, cheese or Durian as the topping. Yummy!! =9

The kick-ass experience from the whole trip for me was our visit to Samalona island on the next day. Located outside Makassar, it could be reached by boat in 20 – 30 minutes. The beach was beautiful with white sand as far as we looked. The moment I arrived there, I could already picture myself spending hours on that beach; just lying down, enjoying blue sea, reading a book and listening to waves from far. We did some snorkeling eventually (I had myself scratched because of the corals!) for about 3 hours and didn’t even notice how much time we had spent until the tour guide reminded us to finish it and went back for lunch. It was a great experience, though I hoped I could spend more time there. Half day visit wasn’t really enough for me to enjoy the beach fully 😛

Samalona island from the boat…. Love the sand!!

Nice view of the beach and a boat!

“The Model” was in action to catch up fishes!! 😛

The photographer was in action after forcing The Model to take her picture on the beach… 😛

Again, nice view that I managed to capture. Looove the beach 🙂

Overall, (again) I would say it was a really great vacation, not long enough of course, but surely unforgetable. And as now I have new family there, I can’t wait to have more visits there. Hopefully I could go there again in the near future! 🙂


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