Jakarta Election: Let’s vote for good

After interesting weeks full of campaigns from the remaining two candidates of Jakarta governor, it is finally the day of election. Right on this Thursday, September 20th, Jakarta people will decide who is capable enough to be their leader and make significant improvements to their mega-city. Since I am not a Jakarta citizen, of course I do not vote, but I do really hope that whoever win the election really makes changes in this city. He should be able to remove or at least reduce problems in each part of the system, e.g. education, health problem or traffic. It is not a secret that Jakarta has many problems, and somehow it takes forever to solve issues in one particular area.

Talking about election in Indonesia feels a little bit tricky for me. We have seen news about corruption here and there, in certain small area or big city, done by man or woman that doesn’t look like a bad person at all. Constant “betrayal” makes some people could not believe the people and the system anymore. And as the result, they decided not to vote. What is the point of giving a vote if the chosen one will betray them again? Such a logic thought, but also sad, because that means that you can’t trust and have faith on other people again.

Even though I also hate being betrayed like any person in the world, I do believe that we can do something about it. Giving a vote is one of the least thing we can do if we are not that idealist who will fight for their ideology. I believe that giving a trust or having a faith on someone that we believe will somehow make a change, no matter how small it is. Specifically for youngsters like me that should be the agent of changes in our society. Make our society and country better.. that sounds good enough for me to be part of it.

Having that said, I encourage every Jakart citizen to vote today. Your vote matters, no matter what other people might think. And hopefully, whoever that win the election will really listen to what Jakarta people have to say and do their best to do required action for their society, their people, their family. Amen. 🙂

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