Last night hunting

It has been a while since I did my last photo hunting. Sad to say that even in my last hunting journey, I did not feel much improvement compared to before. I know deep inside my heart that more practices will eventually help me improving my photography skill, but that will totally be nonsense if I just left the plan on a paper without executing it. Thus when my working colleagues asked me to join them in doing photo hunting this week, I immediately said yes and felt very excited.

So we went out to Bundaran HI Jakarta to take some pictures last night. I am so glad now that I did join them since I initially had a plan to cancel my participation. Bad stomachache attacked me since morning and by the end of the working hour, all I wanted to do was only to lie down and sleep. Good thing that both my “partners-in-crime” managed to persuade me to stick on the plan. Lot of talks and excitement of learning new knowledge made me forgot about my stomachache and put more focus on the hunting.

It was my first time to learn about low light photography. In the beginning I was lost and did not sure if what I did was right. Good thing my senior shared his knowledge so I started to learn and practice my technique. I also finally got to use my tripod (again with some help from my senior…) which I just bought several weeks ago. I realized that I need to practice more to improve my skill, but I was also very excited since I learnt new thing. It was a great experience and I just could not wait to do similar thing again in a near future.

Here are some pictures from my “short course” last night 😀

1) One of those pictures taken in the beginning. You can see that there are lot shakes in the picture, mainly because I still turn on the SI and held the camera when the picture was taken.

2) This was after I being told about the correct way to do it. It’s better than before, but it was too bright.

3) This is after I set up again the shutter speed, and I quite like the result. More light would not harm but I still like it anyway 🙂

You can see how interesting knowledge about photography is, and I am grateful being involved in it, even though as a newbie. Keep practicing and seek more advises from my seniors, I am sure I could be a (quite) good amateur photographer sometimes. Crossing fingers, of course 😛


9 thoughts on “Last night hunting

  1. exposure time di foto 3 kalo lebih dilamain, garis2 lampu mobilnya bisa lebih panjang dan gak terputus. juga bentuk bintang di lampu2 jalan bisa lebih sempurna 🙂

    • Halo juga Fahmi temannya tutut..salam kenal juga 😛 Makasih sudah mampir blog ini yah.. Seru juga tuh usulnya, sekalian saya bisa belajar lebih banyak lagi, hehehe… Nanti coba saya mampir ke situs bang Galih dan kalo memungkinkan hunting bareng pas ada kesempatan 😀

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