First impression is not always right

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” I am sure we often hear that sentence from people around us, whether from our friends, colleagues or maybe just someone that we accidentally hurt. It’s a common way to say that we should not judge or define if someone is good or bad just from their look or appearance. For me specifically, that also cover the first impression I got when I met them. The way they talk, or their gesture when they respond to my words could give me an idea how their characters are. What I did realize though, it is not as easy as I thought to do that.

For instance, I had a colleague in my previous company who looked like a smart and nice enough guy to work with. That conclusion was drawn from my initial interactions with him. However, in reality, he was the worst internal customer I ever had. People could say that either he had a really different style in managing work and private life, or it was just me who suck at judging people. Maybe they are right either for the first or second reason, or maybe even both. One thing for sure, the first impression of that person made me judged or defined his character and features that I thought he will have. But as you can see, it is not always right. Another way to say how complex a person is to be understood.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that we couldn’t determine one’s character at all from first impression we got. Some good friends of mine are good examples of those who left nice and comforting impression that made me wanted to connect with. Some are even nicer than I thought, and I feel grateful to have them as my friends and or colleagues. What we need to remember that first impression could not give you accurately information of people you have just met. By continuously connecting and interacting then you will find out fully who they are.

Just remember, if you meet someone who already looks suspicious and makes you uncomfortable to talk with in the first place, well, you know that you don’t need to wait to interact with them to know if they are good or bad 😛


5 thoughts on “First impression is not always right

  1. From what I know, people are like onion, they have layers upon layers that might be peeled to reveal their deeper and deeper self. The deeper you peel, the more you will know them

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