A Glimpse of Makassar trip (1)

My trip to Makassar was my first time visit to another island beside Java. I must admit that I have never been to anywhere outside Java for all this time, and that makes me embarrassed and also sad. To see different culture and places is really exciting and fun, especially if they are part of your nation, your country. You are connected with them as a family in some way. That surely makes my heart warm inside and full of happiness.

Makassar is quite different with I thought before. Sure, it is a city in another island so you would not expect to see big and tall buildings around. But you could really see that the city was growing. You can find signs spread around the city indicating that new buildings will be built soon here and there, whether for office or mall. It’s impressive to see how a small city could develop itself in a way. But then again, considering that most people there are quite rich, I find it really makes sense to see such a vast development. Somehow I feel proud to know that it is not only Jakarta that could improve so much.

Another thing that is also impressive is their culture. How they behave with strangers, how they drive in the road, how they manage their plan… It’s so much different with my Javanese culture. How they eat is also a good example. Either men or women there eat a lot, much more compared to food portion in Java especially for the women. If you are invited to eat in their house, make sure you finish all the food provided for you, or you will be considered as a rude person. Good thing my sister has his husband finish her food every time 😛

For your record, the food there is really nice. There is Konro which basically is ribs, Coto Makassar (some kind of meat soup), Palubasa, Mie Titi and Sop Sodara. They also have nice and sweet snack such as Pisang Ijo and Pisang Epe. Pisang or banana is quite common there as after meal snack since it’s cheap and could be found anywhere. The most interesting from all the food is the traditional snacks which were served during our visit to my brother-in-law’s family house. Barongkok was one of my favorite; it was made from banana and not too sweet. No wonder I gained a kilo after I was back to Jakarta. The only thing helped me avoid two extra kgs or more was the diarrhea I got on Thursday 😛

Overall it was a really nice vacation and I love it. Next post about Samalona island and Bantimurung coming soon! Oh, with pictures of course! ;P

Here are the yummy Pisang Ijo and Konro. Yum yum!!! 😉




2 thoughts on “A Glimpse of Makassar trip (1)

  1. Well, I think actually there was one biigggg island that you’ve visited before makassar. People call it Europe. Ring any bell? ^_^

    About your excess kilo, sure, blame it on the meals….

    • Hehehe… you are actually right, that’s one bless that I was so grateful with 🙂

      And of course I will blame my extra weight to the food! What else I can blame it on? 😛

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