It’s raining here now….

…and somehow I feel happy about it. There is something about rain, particularly the light one, that makes me feel relax and, perhaps, romantic. I like to picture myself sitting in a room, listening to a jazz music and have a cup of great coffee, while enjoying rain from window. Or even better, to picture myself sitting in a cafe, waiting for someone that I do not know at all, but perhaps, will have a great connection with me in the future *cough*.

I know it is silly, but who cares? I love it, and I am enjoying having a ‘me’ time while it’s raining. Just like what I will do shortly: have a good cup of coffee, listening to a good music and enjoying the sense of rain, plus feeling romantic. Sounds like a good plan for me! 😉


3 thoughts on “It’s raining here now….

  1. yeah, i always have that pictures, too.
    enjoying rain from the window, looking at the raindrops that falling to the windowglass…
    or just sitting at the porch and reading a book.


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