What a Tuesday

Oh, what a Tuesday! I started the day with a little romantic feeling inside and ended it with surprisingly uneasy feeling. You never know that in just few hours, no, minutes, anything just can happen and turn your mood upside down. It might be big, it might be not that big, it could be even ridiculous for someone else, but still it affected you in the end. I wonder if anyone has ever been in his or her best mood almost every single day? That will be such a bless, at least for me as I thought my life will be easier if I were that person.

Good thing is I have my dear family and friends around me. They were willing to listen to my rants (or forced to? :P) and even gave encouraging advices. What even made me happier that they told me to always think positive about everything! Something that I believe and have faith in. I’m so lucky to have them around and support me all the way, even we may not be connected all the time. They made me feel grateful and better inside as I know that everything happened within a reason.

Dear Tuesday which full of surprise. I wonder if Wednesday comes in the same way with you?


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