How clear a future is?

When I was in a senior high school, my ultimate wish was to get out from school and study at college immediately. I was an introvert girl who had no certain plan in my teenage period, so I thought being an ‘adult’ in college (or so what I hoped) would bring me somewhere closer to my so-called future. It was no surprise when I later had the same wish when I was in college: to get out from college and immediately get a job. I wanted to be able to earn money and take care of my own life with my own efforts. Now I’ve been working for almost five years, yet I am not sure or know exactly what are the next goals I want to get.

Apparently, future looks easier for me when I was not holding a big responsibility of myself. I was only in school and college, fully relying on my parents support for education and life. What should I worry about? Like any other child in the world which is fortunate enough to born and live within a great family, I went through my youth period smoothly, but lack of adventures I must say.

Almost five years working experience might sound nothing for my seniors, but for me it is indeed something. These experiences has made me who I am now, and indirectly shaped my description of the ‘future’ I want and should have. It is unfortunate that for the time being the ‘future’ I want is not as clear as mine during high school or college time, but I believe eventually I will get there. Kudos for those who knew already what they wanted since the very beginning. You’re lucky to see it crystal clear, so enjoy and embrace it! I’m working on mine and will let you know when I get it clearer as yours 😉


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