Winning is not everything, but surely something

I always like to watch movies about competitions or games with main character(s) an underdog person or team. Seeing how they worked hard and amazingly won the series of the games one by one somehow made me understand how important winning was. Sure, some movies did not provide the same result, sometime people have to lose simply because they can’t make it. Popular comment of “Winning is not everything” would then be heard all around the scenes, trying to make the situation look better. As the message indicated, the important thing from the game should be taken was that you’ve tried tour best. To win the game was a bonus we fortunately got.

No matter how good the intention of “not winning” sentence is, I found myself couldn’t stand a losing situation. I’ve put some target or standard upon me, and it’s always frustrating if those can’t be reached. Of course, once or twice I ended in situation where I had to calm and remind myself that everything could happen, no matter how good I tried. It’s not easy though, as I would then think of myself badly for some time. Not to feel pity about myself, but to be disappointed like hell as I felt I could do better.

You might find that as an exaggerating fact, but what do you know? Just yesterday, I had that feeling when I played bowling with some old fellas. I played badly and scored the lowest. That’s fine and everyone would get his / her bad day anyway, one will think. But nope, I over-thought about it for a while, until I finally asked myself, “what is the point?” Still, the feeling that “not winning is suck” was flying around in my head and I just couldn’t help it.

So, maybe it’s right that winning is not everything for some people, but for me it is surely something. And if I believe I should achieve it, well, no excuse for losing then!!


4 thoughts on “Winning is not everything, but surely something

  1. this post title remembering me of a quote in Italian “vincere non è importante, è l’unica cosa che conta” (winning is not important, it is everything) 😀

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