First day of working after Lebaran

Technically, today is the first day working in Indonesia for some people including me, who was unfortunate enough to not have mass leave or forced leave for 21st and 22nd of August. So for those who still have his or her leave, please feel free to ignore this post immediately 😛

Anyway, as can be expected, there were not many people around. That can be good in a way as you were not distracted by any kind of distraction possibly occurred. In other hand, as a social creature (ahem!), I found out that not having many people around was quite weird. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like it, but having more people around feels better than having less 😛

Luckily some people in my department were already at office, so I didn’t feel too lonely *cough* 😛 Funny thing was, I did feel that, despite our works amount, we can have more casual and relax conversation. Jokes were flying around and I loved it. Even with some emails that followed by the end of the day 😛

Overall, it was a quite nice first ‘come back’ day. Quiet, busy yet relaxing in some way. Oh, and I also had a wonderful lunch with wonderful people. Sounds great enough for me! 😉


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