What a very short holiday…

….that’s exactly what I feel right now. Tomorrow morning I will be flying to Jakarta and back to the office to start working. I will only spend like two days at Surabaya with my family and (of course) it’s not enough. But choice has been made, and I know I have to deal with it. I will meet them again soon in September, hopefully more days and more quality time for us.

It’s quite sad that my youngest sister is now currently unwell. She got fever (duh!) and has to take a bed rest at home. I hope she’ll get well soon. Too bad we can’t spend some time this evening, but having her be healthy again is the important thing. It’s just unfortunate for us to have this incident while I am only at Surabaya for a very short period 😦

Oh well, life is life. At least I can spend some time with my family and that’s better than nothing 😛

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