Wonderful Lebaran…

Every Lebaran, my family has this ritual to go to Pekalongan, my dad’s hometown. We usually visit my grandparents graveyard and my dad’s old house. Together with our big family, we spent Malam Takbiran and the big day Idul Fitri before we’re heading back to our home town. Now years have passed, and we do our ritual less often than before. Considering the amount of time, energy and cost, we step by step start to realize that it is not that feasible and mandatory to be performed in regular basis anymore.

Hence, this year we decided that we will spend Lebaran at our home in Surabaya. In the beginning, Diba (my youngest sister) and me agreed that we won’t go home since the plane ticket fare was already expensive, plus we don’t have enough leaves to spend. However, just a week before Lebaran, Diba decided to go home (duh!) considering that she might need to spend all days during Lebaran to work in Puskesmas at Dompu since there is only one doctor there.

That absolutely surprised me, not to mention I might need to spend my Lebaran alone at Jakarta! And so, a plan was set up. I told my mom and dad that I will stay at Jakarta for Lebaran, while in actual I was flying to Surabaya on the same day with Diba. It was Friday night and I just appeared in front of them after they finished praying. How precious their surprised faces are!! I couldn’t help it; I just laugh happily and overwhelmed with overall situation. I was so happy I could spend some time with my whole family, how blessed I am! Alhamdulillah… ๐Ÿ™‚

Today we had a great time together, spent all day by gathering, chatting and sharing every story together. I am really grateful and so glad I decided to go home. Because in the end, family is number one. And I am lucky to have a wonderful one to spend this wonderful Lebaran with ๐Ÿ™‚


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