Got to Dance UK and Prodijig!

This is what happen if you haven’t written anything for so long, yet you had these ideas floating around in your head. You just can’t wait to spill it out and convert it into a quite nice writing or post in your blog! It’s my 3rd post this morning and I am excited. I wish I had this kind of energy every single day, then I can assure that my blog will always be “alive” 😛

So I would like to share about this TV show that I really love lately : Got to Dance UK! I have followed season 1 and 2 even though not in complete episodes, and was pleased with all dances performed. I love dance, even though I can’t dance. Maybe that’s why I really love seeing people doing this great and amazing dance: to compensate my inability to dance *cough* 😛

The latest season of this show was actually ended last March, but just broadcasted in Asia through cable this July and August. I have followed most of the auditions, some of the semifinals, and of course the finals! I must say that this year I like almost all the acts, but of course I love some of them more than others. There were talented groups with crazy performance, for example Antics, Unity UK and the A team. There was even a pole dancer which, surprisingly, performed a really beautiful dance and made me rethink again about the image of this dance. Indeed it was a really interesting season of Got to Dance, and I was very happy about it.

The most influenced group for me though was Prodijig, the Irish-dance group who in the end became the champion of Got to Dance UK this season. They stole my attention right from beginning, starting with their audition. It was a really interesting, strong and mind-blowing audition. You would never thought that you will see Irish dance in such a modern and edgy way. I fell in love with Prodijig instantly that moment, and can’t wait to see what they will perform in semifinal (I somehow knew that they will get through… :P).

When I saw their performance in semifinal, I was completely in “wow” and couldn’t help to think that they have to be in the final. They have to!! They are so unique, and clearly bring Irish dance into a whole new level. Luckily the TV viewers had the same thought and Prodijig got through the final. Yehey!! Another great performance in final night, that was what I thought back then. And boy, they did not disappoint me at all. Their final performance was amazing! Really strong, more complicated, more energized…. it’s more in every aspect! I kept smiling, shaking my head, and mumbling about how good they were as I was blown away with their performance.

In the end I was very happy when they were announced as the winner of Got to Dance UK season 3. They deserved it as they are a really extraordinary Irish-dance group with extraordinary performances. I’m a big fan of them already ! Hopefully they can perform in Indonesia some time in the near future. Who knows? 🙂


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