The Stoners (updated) Yearbook Project

The idea popped out when I exchanged messages with one of my college friends in Facebook. Apparently her yearbook somehow is still at my place, and she asked me if I could return it to her (I did remember that I brought it home but I thought I already returned it ? Anyway…). Unfortunately as I am in Jakarta now, I could not do what she requested shortly, but later once I get back home to Surabaya. Besides, our yearbook was quite old, 6 years already after we graduated, so I am not sure if the data is still accurate anyway and will give her any benefit.

That’s when I thought, “Why don’t we have a new and updated yearbook for our class? Completed with pictures of each one’s family so we can know our ‘nephews’ and ‘nieces’ in our big ‘family’. For the singles e.g. me, well… I can always photoshop the picture with Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s picture 😛 No biggies.”

It was (of course!) a good idea, and all my classmates agreed with it, especially after I mentioned that I would voluntarily coordinate everything about it; collecting the data, consolidate it and distribute it to everyone. Talking about being customer, I surely would do the same if one of my friends offers his/her help in doing something that would give me benefit. I guess I was not smart enough to do so, waiting someone to be the volunteer 😐

But, hey, I am doing good thing so nothing needs to be regret for! I am helping myself and also my class. I could reconnect with old friends whom I seldom speak with and who I barely heard any news about. I believe it will link us altogether again, and maybe in someway, strengthen our relationship. I can imagine one day we have a huge reunion where everyone shows up with his/her family and big smile in their faces. With such a promising result, what else I should complaint about?

So, wish me luck for this project!! 😉

PS: I forgot to mention, Stoners is nickname of our class back then. Why we were called that way? Well… that’s a long story… 😛


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