Well, 1st week of Ramadhan passed already….

…and it’s been quite an interesting week. Somewhat it was a difficult, a bit overwhelming yet also relieving week. I think for the first time my issue was not entirely about work, but mostly about my personal matter and more, about my life. I arrived in a point where I re-evaluated everything; my jobs, my goals, my dreams, my desire to have family… in fact, I am still doing it now. It’s never an easy process, I believe not only for me but for most people. Still we need to do it once for a while to know exactly where we stand and how well we accomplished. Some people have the luxury to know it along their way. I just gotta work harder to reach that lux 🙂

It’s interesting to know that in the same time I had this uneasy feeling, it’s also Ramadhan time. Year by year I promised myself to do better on this special month, but seems no significant improvement could be considered. But with my personal issues popped out one by one, somehow I do feel this Ramadhan will matter a lot than before. You see, when you are vulnerable, when you feel like no one could understand you and all the problems you have, you only have one place to run to, and it’s Allah SWT, our God. I am now trying to reach inside my heart to break down all the wall and just surrender. It’s indeed getting better and better, and I am grateful because of it.

Just two more weeks before Ramadhan ends and Lebaran comes, and I feel like I am going to miss this month badly already. It’s a great month especially with all things happened currently in my life and my family. I feel this urge inside to be a better person strongly than before and I am grateful for it. Hopefully not only during Ramadhan but for good, as we were born good and any choice in life depends on us. And to get happiness? It’s a bonus 🙂

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