To be gloomy or not to be

After I had my first Ramadhan gathering with some dear college friends, apparently I was lucky enough to have another gathering with some friends from high school on Sunday. There were even less participants (4 people including me), but again, to meet and know how they are doing made me feel relieved. At least I don’t lose connection with them, and that is the important thing.

The plan was simple, we gathered together, went to watch The Dark Knight Rises and continued with dinner together after breaking the fast (PS : review of the movie will be coming soon! :P). In the end, the main idea of this gathering was actually to share our stories, to ask how other friends were doing and… well, simply just to hang out, I guess.

What I didn’t know was that it would be a quite serious discussion about life. I knew each one of us had his or her own problem, and it’s none to be compared as we had different issues with different impact. I, for example, unconsciously had uneasy feeling in facing the fact that my younger sister got  married earlier than me. Don’t get me wrong, I accepted it fully and had no hesitation about it. But to receive so many comments and questions from family or outsiders made me overwhelmed. Some of those people even made jokes about it, and I think that’s quite normal in a moderate level. However to had it over and over again, I must admit that made me totally sick. And as easy as a girl to be sensitive and feel sad about everything (oh, yeah, we ARE that complex!), it was not a surprise if I was feeling down too during the conversation yesterday.

What made me feel lucky was the fact that I don’t like feeling bad about myself. Everytime I have that kind of feeling, I always try to remind myself that compared to other people with bigger problems out there, or poor people who need to think what they could eat that day, my problems look so simple. It is embarassing for me to complaint while others could survive their problems (even though once or twice I still do it anyway.. I am only a human though :P). In addition, my friend’s principle in facing her problem even encouraged me more to be positive: “to be always grateful for any problem received as it was a reminder from God about ourselves.”

Between positive and negative, I will choose 100% positive. And between gloomy and happy, well, I think everyone knows the answer already 🙂

So, yeah, I guess I am not feeling gloomy anymore now 🙂


2 thoughts on “To be gloomy or not to be

  1. pasti pertanyaan “kok adikmu duluan?” “kok dilangkahi?” etc etc.. yah.. itulah manusiwa~ sabar yah.. your man is still searching for you, kok 🙂

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