Movie Review : The Dark Knight Rises (2012)


Title : The Dark Knight Rises
Year : 2012
Director : Christopher Nolan
Writers : Christopher Nolan, Jonathan Nolan
Stars : Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway

Can I just start this post by saying that Christopher Nolan is awesome? To be honest, when I am doing any movie review, it is not common for me to discuss about the director (yeah, shame on me!). I mostly focus on the movie itself, whether from its plot, the characters inside, sometimes the music or the cinematography, and even only about the story ending. Like most people, shamely I forget about people behind the scene who also worked really hard to make a movie. This is a good start to recognize and give kudos to all of them as this movie was really great!

I did not really like Batman movies in the beginning, mostly because I thought that some old version of the movies were too… comic. I wasn’t convinced about the conflict, or even the characters. Most of the scenes were overstated from my perspective, and as a simple person I am (ahem!), that was too much for me. Batman Begins (2005) changed my opinion completely about Batman. By showing darker side, or I would rather say humanity side of Batman, Christopher Nolan nailed me. I felt the connection with the new Batman, and with the characters inside. There were not many movies that could make me feel like that, hence I had high appreciation for the movie, and of course everyone related to it.

It was not surprise to then expect the same quality from this movie. And once again, Mr. Nolan nailed me with “The Dark Knight Rises”. Not only I was in awe, I think I kinda fell in love with every single part of the movie. This feeling reminds me to “Inception”, another great movie directed by Chris Nolan. There was this feeling – somehow sad, somehow encouraging – and in the end, I am questioning myself about life. How interesting life is, and how we can always determine our path of life.

For those who are not in “philosopher” mode as I was, don’t worry! “The Dark Knight Rises” will give you a nice plot, great action scenes, interesting characters and of course, awesome machines! It’s almost a full package movie; you got action, drama, mystery and a little bit romance. The stars also did their roles quite well: Bale – cool as usual, especially when he wore his mask, Hathaway – surprising and nice effort for someone who used to play princess role, Michael Caine and Gary Oldman – did I mention already I loved these guys?

But one person I really want to highlight from this movie was Joseph Gordon-Levitt who appeared as a rookie detective working with Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman). Sure, Christian Bale was hot as usual, but this newbie was not to be under-estimated. I was sooo excited knowing he played a role in this movie as I fell in love with him already in “Inception”. He was playing nicely and in the end of the movie, apparently his “real” name was revealed. And guess what was that? Robin. Anyone smells scent of sequel of this title? I do 😛

Overall it was a great movie for you who like action and of course, Batman fans, though I will not suggest any parents to bring their children considering some of lovey-dovey and fighting scenes 🙂


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