First Ramadhan Gathering with Stoners

I was not really sure firstly what will be the correct title for this post. In Indonesian, I can easily put “Bukber pertama dengan Stoners” or literally translated as “Breaking the fast together for the first time with Stoners” which, in my opinion, doesn’t sound really nice for a title. So I decided to put above title instead. This for me is a good example about the importance of knowing more vocabularies, learning correct grammar and knowing more idioms so I can express my thoughts in English correctly.

Back to the topic, I think this is a common thing that always happens during Ramadhan. Whether with your college friends, high school friends, or working colleagues, I believe everyone will at least have a plan (or plans) to gather and breaking the fast together as it has been considered as habit in our society in Indonesia. It’s a nice thing to do of course, because you could meet some dear old friends who you haven’t met for some time, you get to know how they are doing and indirectly, you actually re-link your connection with them. Afterward, all you need to do is maintaining the relationship, even though it is not as easy as it seems. That’s why I always looking forward to have this gathering with my friends.

Good thing that some of my friends had the same idea, hence we decided to have the first Ramadhan gathering today, at the 2nd day of fasting (or 1st day for most people). Not all of our friends could join of course, so there were only 20 7 people including me met together at Plaza Semanggi Jakarta *smile* 😛 Despite the fact that there were only few people joined the plan, I personally thought it was fun, and I hoped that we could have the next ones soon with more people. As I mentioned, re-connecting with person, especially dear old friends, will give you good feeling, and strengthen your relationship and network. That sounds good for me to keep doing it! 🙂

And here are the “victims” of today’s gathering!! 😛

I am waiting for the next Ramadhan gathering, hopefully soon! 🙂


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