Marhaban yaa Ramadhan….

A year surely passed too fast sometimes, at least for me individually. Just when I felt that I have accomplished Ramadhan last year, this year Ramadhan is already in front of us, ready to be filled in with our worship and pray, our fasting and giving to others. It is ready to give us opportunity to be better persons and I am really grateful to get this opportunity again together with my family and friends.

It is a little bit sad to realize that from one Ramadhan to next Ramadhan, not much improvement we can get (or I can get) considering that it is a good month to evaluate ourselves. Sure, we can always evaluate ourselves anytime and we can always improve ourselves also anytime we want. But still, for me, as in Ramadhan we are “forced” to feel what poors feel all day long by not eating anything, it is a good time to enhance our empathy to others – our “family” out there and to share what we have to them. By having more empathy, I believe we can be more “human” and have bigger heart. From that point, I believe we will want to do more kindness not only for us but also for our community, which is important for me. How many of us have the thought to contribute something to our community instead of only taking care of ourselves?

Hence for Ramadhan this year, I am planning to do something for other people. I really hope I can do it. So many times I had planned this or that, but works and other things restrained me from doing so. Now that I am thinking about it, I realize that it was quite stupid. What life is all about anyway? It’s about our happiness, which all depends on our choices. I believe I can do what I want as long as I have commitment on it 🙂

Marhaban yaa Ramadhan.. Have a good Ramadhan good people, and happy fasting!

Let’s hope this Ramadhan will be a great month and makes us better persons in the future 🙂


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