After our family’s big day…

As much as I wanted to write down every day this month, unfortunately I failed to do so due to a busy week of my sister’s wedding preparation. There were some points when I really wanted to post something (mostly triggered by some things happened along the way), but other things then came around not too long after and (naturally) made me busy and then forgot to follow up my blogging intention. At night I was so tired I went to sleep without any chance to even try opening my laptop. Now that the big day was passed (Alhamdulillah….), we can at least take a deep breath, feel glad that everything went on well, and of course, I can do some blogging now! 😉

It was the first time I involved in wedding preparation, and it was… chaotic. Maybe too much for a definition, but that was exactly what I thought during the week. Even though in actual 90% of the preparation was achieved, some small-not that urgent-but-necessary things popped out one by one, in some cases leaving us in confusion how that could happen (well, we are human, so actually that’s totally normal….). The tension and pressure were high, and got even higher approaching the big day. Sometimes I had a clash with my sisters, my cousins, or even some people that were helping us. I felt very bad afterward though, however before anyone could apology, we were again so busy that we forgot we had that conflict. Maybe that’s one positive thing I could take from this preparation madness 😛

The big day took place yesterday at Graha Samudra Bumimoro. The building was quite far from center of Surabaya, so people need to take highway to get there. It was nicely performed, each agenda went on smoothly and one thing that I was afraid of did not happen : running out of food and souvenirs! I hurt my feet a lot though, wearing high heels for almost three hours while I did not have any experience in doing so. I swore I could just cut my feet back then just to ensure the pain was gone -__-”

One thing that made me really happy was appearance of my dear former boss, Ben! He came with his lovely son, Jack, specifically made an agenda to come to our invitation and went back to Jakarta in the evening. I was so touched I could hug him right there. I hugged Jack instead, and he kissed me, seems that he impressed that I looked very different (ahem!) than usual. I usually need to bribe Jack a bar of chocolate before he agreed to kiss me 😛

Overall, I was very happy and now very glad that everything has finished. My sister is now officially Mrs. Armin Yusuf, my obligation is done, and everyone is satisfied with the party. Of course, one big thing I need to follow up is my own wedding (ahem again!), hopefully soon, but of course I need to find my Mr. Right first. Wish me luck? 🙂

PS: Some photos and details coming soon!


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