Song of the month: Sweet Sorrow – Viva

Yes, Sweet Sorrow is a name of a group in case anyone is wondering. I knew this vocal group by accident when I was at Lausanne with Pak Riky. While we were traveling in train to Lucern (if I am not mistaken), he showed me music video of four young Korean guys with lovely song and funny story. Soon I fell in love with them, even though I couldn’t remember their name, not until I was back in Jakarta and asked Pak Riky about them 😛

They are Sweet Sorrow, an all Korean male vocal group which apparently have started their carreer in 2005 (should have known them sooner!). They have released three albums and two mini albums now (based on one site that I found), and have sung many soundtracks for Korean drama. Currently I only knew two songs from them: First Date and Viva, but somehow I am sure enough that I will like most of their songs judging from how often I play their songs lately.

Viva is one of the newest song I could get from YouTube, and I looooove this song! There is always something about easy listening jazzy song that I could not resist, and Sweet Sorrow seems to know this weakness of mine, because now I just can’t get this song out of my mind 😛 I am looking for their other albums now, hoping I can find them soon (but not sure if I can find it in Indonesia…).

Check out the song to see how awesome they are 😛

Sweet Sorrow_Viva

PS : Anyone please tell me how to insert video in WordPress? What I can show is only the link and that’s not really I wanted :/


2 thoughts on “Song of the month: Sweet Sorrow – Viva

  1. Ahaha.. well It’s as easy as putting a pic on it, mbak.
    Add media –> then click “from url” instead of “from computer”.
    Next, choose ” Audio, Video, or Other File”. Put the url in, and taraaa… we, ur fans, ur blog reader, can see the video fully on ur blog post. 😀

    • Adit… thanks a lot for your advise. I am not sure but I remember I did the same thing you mentioned (if I am not mistaken), but the result was only the link above 😦 Or did I do it the wrong way? 😦

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